Feed Yourself
Meal Plans
Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar...

It's been a long day at work. You grab your dry cleaning, take the kids to their after-school activities, and finally get home. Exhausted, your excited to shed the stresses of the day and put on your comfy clothes.

Then, it hits you: "What the heck am I going to make for dinner?"

You forgot to plan dinner. You check your fridge, racking your brain trying to put together a last minute meal. The kids are yelling in the background that their starving. Feeling frustrated, you cave and decide to order takeout. It's happened again. You feel defeated.

Chances are, you were nodding along in agreement while reading this. Even if the storyline is a bit different, the outcome is usually the same. Finding meals that are healthy and well balanced, have minimal prep time and the kids will actually enjoy are just some of the frustrations my clients have expressed to me.
At the end of your stressful day, the last thing you want to be doing is slaving in the kitchen for hours.
Trust me, I get it.

Being a holistic nutritionist, I naturally inherited the role of chef for the family.  And although I absolutely love cooking and making delicious food, I am also super busy - so I need my cooking throughout the week to be quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious -  with lots of leftovers to give me nights off :) 

Meal planning can be one of the most challenging habits to adopt, if you don't know where to start. But once you understand the "rules", its the most rewarding, time and money saving habit you could ever practice.  

My meal plans are completely customized. With everything done for you and laid out in a super easy to follow format, my meal plans take the stress out and put the flavor in! 

They help the average family make steady changes over time to not only adopt a healthy lifestyle, but to also learn the skills to prepare in advance, avoiding last minute chaos in the kitchen.
What do i get?
This package includes:

1 hour initial consult via skype to review dietary preferences, current eating habits, challenges and goals

5 week plan to solidify eating habits of a healthy lifestyle 

5 personalized seven day meal plans with recipes, shopping list and prep guide - one provided each week over a 5 week period

4 weekly 30 minute follow up sessions via skype to discuss successes, challenges, and make necessary adjustments

Delicious, nutritious recipes that you can keep and use for years to come

Your own personal nutritionist to guide and keep you accountable along the way
5 week
Feed yourself Meal Planning program-for one
5 week
feed yourself Meal Planning program-family
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Other Meal Plan Options

One customized 7 day meal plan with recipes (no weekly follow-up)
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Ready To-Go 7 Day Meal Plans With Recipes




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