Feed Yourself
10 Day Reset Program
Let’s pretend you’re walking down a beautiful path. Up ahead is a fork in the road, with a sign that reads:“Your Future.” The path on the left is sunny and welcoming. It shows a picture of a person who is healthy, vibrant, and full of life. 

The path on the right is dark, with decayed trees and looming clouds. It shows a person who is sickly and weak, with the spark of life burnt out. They’ve become a slave to their illness. Which path would you choose?
 ​Would you stand there and think to yourself “Hmmm, the path on the right looks really enticing. I think being sick, weak and depressed looks awesome!” Obviously not! No one would ever make the conscious choice to live a life of illness. Yet unfortunately, this is what I see happening day after day.

The choices we make are unconscious. We eat out of convenience, ignore our bodies’ signals and suppress symptoms - just to get through another day.

​We’ve been conditioned to live on auto pilot. In the constant hustle of life, we make hundreds of choices on a daily basis. We’ve become so busy with “stuff” that taking care of our health has become a low priority.

Every piece of food and drink you put into your mouth points toward one of two outcomes: aging with health and vitality, or aging with disease and dependence.
The result won't be instantaneous or black and white like the fork in the road. But over time, an outcome will 100% transpire.


No matter what.
"Being 57 yrs old like many sleep has been an issue for over a decade.  After the 6th day of the Cleanse I had and continue to sleep well....I can't thank Akiko enough for giving me my sleep back.  My energy levels have increased and the bloat that most of us live with is gone...Thank you Akiko for putting this 10 Day Detox together and showing me how it feels to eat clean and healthy.. Xo"


I’ll be very explicit about my goal: I want you to fall in love with good food. Because good food gives you energy, heals your body, and causes natural weight loss – which makes you happy. But the best part? Good food is actually DELICIOUS!

There's this horrible rumor going around that healthy food tastes like cardboard. I'm here to dispell that rumor and prove it wrong! There's an explosion of flavor in the world of whole, natural foods, once you move beyond the typical dinner of "salad and chicken". 

So if you find you’re already heading down the path to the right, don’t worry.  It’s not too late to change course.

Feed Yourself 10 Day Reset Program is your first step down the path to the left. Through the power of food, it helps bring your body chemistry back into balance so you can transform your habits, reclaim your health and shape your reality the way you want it.

So, you’re at that fork in the road again. What kind of life do you want to live? Do you choose to be conscious about your choices? To take control of your health, and inevitably, your future?

I know you answered yes.​
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What do i get?

The 10 Day Reset Program comes with everything you need to get started on your path towards a brand new you .  Here's what you can expect from the program:
A beautiful, vibrant downloadable PDF complete with:

  • 10-day gourmet meal plan free from gluten and dairy
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options 
  • Easy to follow recipe guide
  • Shopping list to get everything you need before you start
  • Lifestyle Recommendations - keep your body and mind rejuvenated and feeling amazing with these tips
  • Supplement Guide - vitamins, minerals and superfoods that boost your bodies natural healing abilities
All of this for only $49.95 + tax!​​
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"Over the years I have tried everything possible to curb my sugar and Coca Cola addiction and nothing ever really appealed to me or I couldn't follow through. I saw Akiko's detox and thought I would try it out, 10 days couldn't be that hard. I am so glad that I did...I did most of the cooking and my husband liked the food as well... I lost 10 lbs and he lost 6. I find now since being off that I do not crave sugar like I used too and feel so much better not as bloated and uncomfortable." 

It's time you put yourself first. Experience the benefits that so many others have! Get more energy, more sleep and shed some unwanted pounds.

Start to feel like YOURSELF again!
Only $49.95 + tax
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