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what my clients are saying...

"Over the years I have tried everything possible to curb my sugar and Coca Cola addiction and nothing ever really appealed to me or I couldn't follow through. I saw Akiko's detox and thought I would try it out, 10 days couldn't be that hard. I am so glad that I did...I did most of the cooking and my husband liked the food as well... I lost 10 lbs and he lost 6. I find now since being off that I do not crave sugar like I used too and feel so much better not as bloated and uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend Akiko's 10 day to detox to people who are looking to detox."

~ Tracey
"The recipes provided are by far some of the most delicious food I've made to date.  Her shopping list makes cooking easy peasy as you have everything you need in front if you...Being 57 yrs old like many sleep has been an issue for over a decade.  After the 6th day of the Cleanse I had and continue to sleep well....I can't thank Akiko enough for giving me my sleep back.  My energy levels have increased and the bloat that most of us live with is gone...Thank you Akiko for putting this 10 Day Detox together and showing me how it feels to eat clean and healthy.. Xo"

"BEST POOPS  EVER!!!... I felt lighter, happier and rebalanced at the end of the program. A special thanks to you,  Akiko. Your program was a very positive experience and I recommend it to anyone looking for a detox that doesn't shock the system but gently rebalances you from the inside out."

~Shannon D

 "...I am a Martial Art’s Instructor. I visited Akiko with the specific reason of changing my overall approach to nutrition and about some health concerns I was experiencing... It was in big part thanks to Akiko that I could successful train properly for this competition, and I could do very well at that event. IT began with myself going in and seeking help on how to start taking care my nutrition. She is second to none, and knows her craft very well. I would not travel anywhere else. Through her guidance, I am now able to experience a far better quality of life. I can’t wait to see the next stage of the journey together with her guiding me forward."​​

~Kru Ryan James